Sunday, October 16, 2011

Women Paying for Male Escorts

While sexual experiences with professionals are often relegated to the realm of sleazy, lonely men who can’t attract a little feminine affection, much less love, there’s been a steadily growing stream of popularity in sexual services among a seemingly unlikely demographic. Career oriented women with disposable incomes, a lack of time for developing a romance, and unhappy with their choices at the local bars at last call, are reportedly buying lap dances, cyber sex sessions, and the company of professional escorts. According to at least one account appearing in the UK’s Times, they do it because they’d rather have the fun without the attachment so they can focus on their work and their kids instead, a very similar reason given by professional men who’ll pay for sex and companionship. It seems women in the US and Britain are sampling many of the same forbidden and controversial pleasures as men after centuries of dealing with discrimination and sexual repression…

On the one hand, seeing women with the money and the opportunity to pay for sex taking up male escorts can be seen as another wrench into some ideas about women held as conventional wisdom. Women aren’t less interested in sex than men, they’re willing to initiate it when given the chance and they feel bold enough, and they aren’t opposed to one night stands, looking for hookups at bars, clubs and even online. Even more, there seems to be a growing trend of couples enjoying professional services together as women use a significant other to either access more sexual experiences, or keep trying new things even though they’re in relationships already. And on top of that, as noted in the first link, female customers aren’t all about gentle and sensual, and are more than willing to try something rough or sexually adventurous. But they’re not just going to try anything; they want assurances and if there’s a professional who’ll give them the experience they want, that’s what they may very well pick. Of course libidos and tolerance for excitement and experimentation varies from person to person, but the point here is that we need to recognize the obvious fact that women can be, and often are, just as sexual as the men who are often stereotyped as bipedal containers of pure lust. That should be obvious to most of us today, but we often pretend that it doesn’t happen due to long standing gender stereotypes.

On the other hand, we might have a unique double standard. While prostitution and many sexual encounters between a client and a paid professional are generally illegal, the demand for them is always sky high. This is what allows criminal organizations to make millions off horrific human rights abuses. Have you ever seen the film Taken? The unfortunate part is that its portrayals of human trafficking and those who engage in it haven’t been exaggerated all that much. Nations with regulation and government oversight of sex workers can offer a number of ways to persecute and shut down criminal groups without further punishing their victims for having been drawn into illegal activities, though casting human sexuality as an illegal taboo in the face of a non-stop stream of demand always creates serious problems. And generally, the victims of these problems are young women. Would ladies building demand on the male side of the field be criticized for helping to contribute to a typically illegal and highly abuse profession looked down upon by the morality police of the West? Or would a male side of the supply be ignored due to modern stereotypes of male sexuality? One point to consider is the brand of sex tourism in which well-off European ladies pay young men in the Third World nation of Senegal for sex and company during their vacations. Are they taking advantage of guys who can’t find work in a very poor nation with barely an economy to speak of, or just helping them out, as they put it?

The psychology of sex becomes maddeningly complex when money enters the equation and it’s very hard to make judgment calls about who’s objectifying who when both genders are buying companions’ services in a situation without any evidence of obvious abuses, such as in illegal brothels around the world. What won’t be of much help to figuring out these issues is pretending that only those on the fringes of society or the socially inept would ever seek out sexual entertainment, and that only those who should be shunned and ridiculed, or treated with a mix of condescension and pity, would ever provide such services. Unfortunately, today we’re still living in a culture where the Vatican is ready to crack down of feminism, but when it comes to priests using their position to molest altar boys, they’re not in a big hurry to cooperate with the authorities “for the good of the Church” and the leadership’s public image. Something tells me that we’re not going to make progress in finding constructive ways to deal with the whole subject of sex in the public forum anytime soon…

The Gigolo Dream

Ladies and gentlemen, I have found the job I want. It has taken years to do, but I am now ready to settle down into one solid career..... and work very, very hard at it.

First I have to move to Japan where the trend that's sweeping the land is the male Geisha, sans the pounds of make-up and Christmas wrapping dresses.

Right now, as you read this, some Japanese guy is collecting $1,000 to $50,000 just to be a companion to a Japanese business woman. What's required? Not what you'd think.

The men are hired to sit, drink and give companionship to the women. Talk, that's it, talk. Compliments, asking about their day, full and undivided attention, that's it.

Japan is a pretty chauvinistic society, but women are really beginning to take on high powered business positions which seemingly, are leaving them out in the cold. So what better way to spend all that yen she's making than to pay a male to tell her how amazing she is for a few hours.

And to think, I've been doing that for free.

Well, I'm off to get a haircut, new suit and a ticket to Japan!

Sex starved women fuel gigolo boom in Bangkok

BANGKOK: -- Pleasures of the flesh may no longer be the exclusive preserve of men in Bangkok, with an increasing number of sex starved women spawning a new breed of gigolos to satiate their carnal desires.

According to the Mirror, more and more women are taking to ordering up male Gigolo`s and flying them to Thailand for safe, no-strings attached sex with men who are trained to satisfy women.

The female Thai ladies could be anywhere between 19-50 years old and pay upto $2,000 for a night. The night usually starts with the women going to clubs, buying their chosen Gigolo a drink, chatting with them and then taking them home.

The Gigolo`s are also available for weeks or months on end if the Thai ladies want. Being seen with a Western Gigolo is a prestige issue.And these gigolos are often in
high demand in the market.

"It's a real power trip, a lot of girls book these western men for sex . This is safer than going round the bars and picking one up. It's something different. All the blokes pay for it so why can't we?" the report quoted a 19-year old visitor to a Bangkok club, Nitchanan turtapang as saying.

"I'd been in Bangkok for a week and I was lonely,my friend mentioned that I coud hire a foreign lover, so I made an enquiry and paid for a Gigolo to come to Bangkok . He was 22 years old and absolutely beautiful. He came with me and I paid him for four days. It's a nice business transaction. I know plenty of women here who are bored and horny-so they buy a boy for the night," added Nitchanan turtapang , a 50-year old resident from Chiang Mai Thailand. The Elite in Male Escorts

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